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Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC)

IAS Ltd. is the first Bulgarian independent Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization approved under the requirements of EASA Part M Sub Part I, Airworthiness Review Certificates (ARC).

IAS Ltd provides ARC Recommendations to many Lessors and Airlines upon singe request during aircraft transitions and for the aircraft which we place under our CAMO service.

IAS Ltd has been providing ARC Recommendations to many aviation authorities as Bulgarian DG CAA, Irish IAA, Greek HCAA, Polish and Lithuanian CAA.

Airworthiness review staff (ARS) – IAS Ltd has 5 Airworthiness Inspectors currently in order meet all requirements.

We offer this service as part of our commitment to offer a comprehensive Airworthiness Management service to our customers and to keep pace with the changing regulatory environment,

Our EASA Part M Sub Part I or ARC approval allows us to deliver Airworthiness review services broadly consisting of the following:

  • ARC Recommendation for ARC Initial Issue.
  • ARC Renewal.
  • Airworthiness Review Of The Aircraft.
  • Airworthiness Review of Aircraft Technical Records Compliance.
  • Issuing Of Airworthiness Review Report.
  • Submission Report to EASA.

EASA M.A.901 Aircraft airworthiness review Requirements:

M.A.901 To ensure the validity of the aircraft airworthiness certificate an airworthiness review of the aircraft and its continuing airworthiness records shall be carried out periodically.

M.A.901(a) An airworthiness review certificate is issued in accordance with Appendix III (EASA Form 15a, 15b or 15c) on completion of a satisfactory airworthiness review. The airworthiness review certificate is valid one year;

[Commission Regulation (EU) No 2015/1088 of 3 July 2015]

M.A.901(b) An aircraft in a controlled environment is an aircraft (i) continuously managed during the previous 12 months by a unique continuing airworthiness management organization approved in accordance with Section A, Subpart G, of this Annex (Part M), and (ii) which has been maintained for the previous 12 months by maintenance organizations approved in accordance with Section A, Subpart F of this Annex (Part M), or with Annex II (Part 145). This includes maintenance tasks referred to in point M.A.803(b) carried out and released to service in accordance with point M.A.801(b)2 or point M.A.801(b)3;

Each aircraft which has been operated by an organization outside of the EASA environment could operate within EASA environment after completed Airworthiness Review without any findings followed by ARC Recommendation. Once the ARC is obtained an EASA Part M Sub Part G Approved Continuing Airworthiness Management organization such as IAS Ltd should manage the aircraft airworthiness.